Sunday, November 18, 2007

Another trip.
To add to my zest for traveling to new places, came the trip to Alps. Its was a year back promise that these guys were trying to keep. Just back from Stockholm…Alps is making me feel lucky. And finally it feels that my jinx attached with visiting mountain ranges is breaking.

My visit was to the dolomite section of the alps (Marmolada, Cortina etc)…it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen…breath taking views…refreshingly fresh air…very different landscapes from the rest of Italy. Serenity visible through out.

A complete travel of nearly 500 kms to an altitude of 3000 meters, all showing the magnificent nature. These magnificent creations makes your worries in life so petty, they just vanish and look worthless in front of them. A beautiful essence of nature….its purpose.

Refreshing weekend (26-28 Oct)

I knew that I was already in a sort of pleasure trip but still I was desperately looking for a weekend getaway. And going to Stockholm would definitely be so because I hadn’t done anything like this before i.e. traveling down to another country not for work but on a vacation and that too all alone. And to support this desire, my travel got planned within my budget… round trip in nearly 200Euros :).
Reaching stockholm in itself was going to be some sort of adventure. It was complicated because had to take a taxi to the neighbouring city and then a train and later a bus to reach Venice airport. And all this in a non english speaking country was challenging. I wasn’t thinking much abt the Sweden side, thanks to Abhijit he was going to be there at the airport.
In actual too the travel turned out to be a very nice experience…realizing one thing traveling in Europe is really easy if you are well informed before hand i.e. everything is in place, organized and on time you just need to be aware of things.
Though I was very excited about this trip but I didn’t really have any image of Sweden in my mind. I don’t remember seeing this country even in photographs. So had a blank visual with the only knowledge that its going to be a very cold place. To add to this blank image was the travel from Stockholm airport to Abhijit’s place…I kind of got restless…because nothing that I saw gave me a new country feeling, the feeling that I would carry as Swedish. All that I captured that night either felt like the Europe that I have already seen in Italy or it felt like U.S.
But the next day, Saturday did full justice to my keenness for a new country….its a beautiful country…very peaceful…felt like a vast country because of the remotely populated country side...dense forests….large landscapes of green grass…beautiful lakes surrounded by woods and artistic houses. My most cherished memory of this trip is going to be the walk that we took in the woods close to Abhijit’s house…it was simply awesome…with the autumn leaf trees….very very refreshing…it felt as if you will have all answers to your queries in life in a solitude walk in those woods. You need to be there, feel it, absorb it and cherish all the peace. Really refreshing.

The next day, Sunday was planned for the old Stockholm city, Gamla stan…it was a beautiful place typically Europian...but truly speaking I wasn’t really awestuck by that place…because it felt like any other tourist destination of Europe especially of Italy. It was definitely different in its own way but still. Anyways Sunday gave me the city life of Sweden…commuting busy crowd…a very U.S. and to some extent Mumbai feeling.
So now the combination of all these portrays my picture of Sweden. And after this trip my wantings for visiting new places has all the more increased....looking forward to the next trip :).

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Realising a known fact.

In any form of relationship (even of the minutest form) if the two individuals involved in that relationship have dissimilar expectations from it then that relationship is a mess and painfully a burden. This I think is irrespective of the fact that the two individuals are having the best of regards for each other. And how much ever we try it to be the other way still every relationship is based on a certain set of expectations and bindings. I don't know why I just felt like writing this :-).

Sunday, June 17, 2007

There are days when in retrospective mood I give a thought to where I was and where I am now. Where I am now is really good and I know that these are going to be the best days of my life. These are the days where I can clearly see how life is taking an all together different path which is some what aligned to what I wanted but never really expected it to happen (I am a pessimist). I wasn’t ambitious then but now I think I am, at least in comparison to myself in the past.
But in this new path of life there are days which are so heavily stressful that I start wishing I could get back to who and where I was, as those were also very beautiful days of life. Simple, innocent, non stressful days.
So that means…the past was good, the present is good, so life is going good…touch wood!!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Again No Title

I feel like writing something after long time...I guess its because of the solitude and of course got time..and also after reading Ram's post and connected blogs (one of my favorite TP over net).

But I don't really have an experince/observation, with a strong desire to post it down...God! so many factors to make a posting. So forcing myself to write I get two topics, one over my illogical and erratic (from cheerful to reclusive) behaviour these days...and the other would be my general feeling over the past 2 days at Ronchi...and thats what I choose.

But again thinking, that it would be of least interest to people reading the post...but how does it matter to me..the post could be for me to cherish the present years later.

But I also can't write just for the sake of writing...and also am not able to phrase my thoughts why write something dull?

So I excuse myself this time...may be some other time when all the factors are in place :).

Sunday, March 11, 2007

A weekend thought.

A number 4 person: avoid being ordinary, not spontaneous, cannot have casual approach, having the sense of something from life, a continuous desire to understand oneself, elegant, romantic, cannot get over the sad aspects of past, having fear of being defective, having sensitivity to other people’s emotions and pain, artistic, mood, manners, luxury etc etc.
They are the basic traits of a person whose personality type is number 4 as per the Enneagram.

And I am suppose to be a number 4 person. Which I do agree is true many a times but not completely. Its just what the question and answer series in the session brought out about me.

And as per this I have to be more or less a thinker and also in other words an emotional fool, which I am but not always :). I tend to avoid taking decision as per the above said traits. Rather I have always chosen what I say is to be more practical. Because I feel taking decisions based on being emotional gets impulsive at times. I know it means being coward also, as it is not following what you really want. And it hurts and keeps you confused many a times. But that’s the way I am….finally something that’s clear :)