Saturday, November 04, 2006


Recently I had set my onliner status as "Lost and frightened as a kid". It generated some speculation and curiosity. It was only suppose to be "Lost" but somehow the Lost word reminded me how as a kid I use to get frightened the moment my parents went out of sight even for a minuscule amount of time.

I remember very well my parents teaching me, my way back home if any day I got lost...they used to make me remember the house address. And one day just to check how I react to such a situation Papa just hid himself from me at a market place. And I as a kid not seeing him around simply broke down in tears, standing alone at a corner without even remembering what they had taught me.

As a kid we have always found so much of protection with our parents. Its in them that we used to confide. Its with them that we were most safe. Nature at its amazing best with this relationship and feeling.