Sunday, March 11, 2007

A weekend thought.

A number 4 person: avoid being ordinary, not spontaneous, cannot have casual approach, having the sense of something from life, a continuous desire to understand oneself, elegant, romantic, cannot get over the sad aspects of past, having fear of being defective, having sensitivity to other people’s emotions and pain, artistic, mood, manners, luxury etc etc.
They are the basic traits of a person whose personality type is number 4 as per the Enneagram.

And I am suppose to be a number 4 person. Which I do agree is true many a times but not completely. Its just what the question and answer series in the session brought out about me.

And as per this I have to be more or less a thinker and also in other words an emotional fool, which I am but not always :). I tend to avoid taking decision as per the above said traits. Rather I have always chosen what I say is to be more practical. Because I feel taking decisions based on being emotional gets impulsive at times. I know it means being coward also, as it is not following what you really want. And it hurts and keeps you confused many a times. But that’s the way I am….finally something that’s clear :)