Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Looking forward

These 3 months have passed in a flash and its time to go back or rather start a fresh new journey.
Though I haven't really been missing anything or anybody out here (that surprised a lot many people but I wasn't surprised, they were carrying a wrong impression) but still I am looking forward to go back. I am a bit apprehensive though as I know lot would have changed back home specially at work front. Its a fresh start that I got to make like a new job.

But the looking forward list is also long. Looking forward to....

-to the journey from here to back home.

-to attend the last 2 days of Durga Pujo.

-to see my parents delighted for seeing me after such a long time...i am not missing them but I know that they are missing me.

-to get cozy in my room.

-to catch with all the latest movies in theatre...though I am upto date with all the latest hindi movies...thanks to their pathetic quality pirated versions available on the net.

-to conclude Namesake which I have left incomplete...I have left Gogol at the University start, need to take him ahead in his life. Read some where that Namesake has been adapted into a movie with Tabu playing Ashima Ganguly's am also looking forward to catch with this movie...can't really picture Tabu playing a Bengali house wife's character.

-to go to crossword and get all the history books whose list I have made in these days.

-to get back to Sitar, I hope my fingers wont freeze over it with these 3 months gap.

-to that clear blue sky with flocks of whitest clouds floating around lazily...ideally so should be the weather back home at this part of the year...the weather which I relate to Durga Pujo and Diwali...the weather which gives lots of positive vibes.

-to driving all the more...and also to possessing my own car(now thats more of a wish, which I am not very sure of coming true...thanks to my lil' modest I hear someone saying something :)).

-to see more people react to me having changed as a person...I too can feel this change.

The list of looking forwards is really long. Does that mean I am missing a lot many things...God knows, confused as usual :).

But at the end looking forward to go back to come back again.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Visit to the sinking city.

When Mr. Aiello first asked me of how was my trip to Venezia (Venice), my reply to him so that he understands me perfectly was Bellissimo!! (extremily beautiful, magnificient).

Before leaving for Venice Sylvia asked me what was I expecting from Venezia. My answer to her was, “I don’t really want to imagine or expect anything about the city, people had already hyped a lot about the city to me….and I don’t want to expect too much…what if the expectation are not met…then my trip would be a dissatisfaction.”
But how much ever said I had created a picture of this place in my mind…a picture which showed it to be architecturally splendid, canals, over looking the Adriatic, crowded with tourist etc.

I was visiting Venezia with Sylvia over the weekend and we were to stay at one of Sylvia’s friend Sophia's place, who would be guiding us in the city. And what guide we got, she is just 16 by age but has the detail knowledge of each and every place, lane and also its history. I was completely awe-struck by her knowledge and interest, though language was a barrier between us but then Sylvia was there to do the translation job.

So finally after an hour and a half train journey we reached Venice. The first thing that I noticed was the crowd and then the artistic work that was present all over. Right in front of the station was placed a replication of one of Michelangelo’s sculpture which was actually protesting the U.S. war against terrorism…I mean a protest was also so beautifully shown in the form of a sculpture.

Our walk through the city to reach Sophia’s place, itself gave me the feel of the city. A city of paved slab roads, narrow lanes, city of masks, road side restaurants, each and every building/house was architecturally and artistically awesome. I knew that this city was filled with canals but what I didn’t know was canals are the only mode of transportation (boats/ Gondola) in the city or else you got your legs to walk. Yes this place doesn’t have any vehicle on the roads not even bicycles. I mean it does not really have roads they are only paved slab lanes and sometimes narrow enough with no space for two people to walk parallely. But then the old city is quite small so can be walked through, but of course you would be easily lost in the lanes and that makes the walk longer.

Staying at Sophia’s place was an antique pleasure in itself. Thanks to her and her family I got to feel Venice in its true form…and not only the touristic view. Yes, we did visit the major touristic spots but what the true Venetian culture was seen in that house and in their way of living.

The night life of the city was like a dream. It was truly very romantic, with live music being played at most of the restaurants and St. Marca’s square at night was a pleasure to the eyes.

My final treasured memory of this trip would be our boat ride over the Grand Canal from Sophia’s house to the railway station. Sophia’s father decided to drop us to the station on the boat as we were already very late to walk our way back. And this half an hour trip was mesmerizing…got to see the other view of the city.

In all, the two days now feels like a dream and it was complete to my expectation and even more.

Friday, September 22, 2006

No words to express

Have to give an acknowledgement to this post:

A letter from Andaman Cellular jail

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Some Random Clicks!!!

I was suppose to read the design documents but just didnt feel like. Didnt even feel like going of to was just 11.00 pm. Nobody was even coming nline to chat with...started thinking is it holiday today in U.S. or my nocturnal friends back home have decided to follow a more human trait. So with Gulzar songs running on the background...I started with some regular browsing. But even that was least interesting today(other than Rajdeep Sardesi interviewing Ganguly).

And then did something worth doing...I have done it many times( proves I got lots of time to waste or may be its the effect of staying online for nearly 16 hours a day).

Just type in some random words onto a search engine and see what it comes up with.

And so I typed in adrija over the search.blogger. It came up with 5 pages of links. Out of those one link was obviously pointing out here.

But out of the many links I found two very interesting links....links posting two very memorable experiences of my life.

icfp 2005 and The Sinhagad Xperience !

It was rejoicing to read back some fond memories from somebody else's perspective.
Its a nice feeling to see how people relate to the same things that you relate to.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

May be non sense

No particular reason to write...just a satisfying day, which is on its way to be this post might be non sense for many.

The day started pretty well...but slowly started getting to the state from which i am trying to run or may be end these days.

But I dont really know how to do that. Some good read really helps, talking to friends help, hearing statements which speak ur mind helps. Statements which make you feel, oh that person has so precisely put down what was always your thought or believe.

And thankfully since today evening I have come across many such affirmations. Thankfully because these things have made the day end with a positive note.

CNN is going very boring these days, it might be news for most people but as over here CNN is the only channel I got, I have started feeling sick of it. Never before have I been so very well up to date with the world news as I am these days. But I am not enjoying it at all, violence and war news everywhere Israel, Lebanon, UK, Iran,Iraq, Congo,Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India...i no more can take it...but still its become a habit to return to that channel.

So returning back to where I was...thus with reluctance I switched on the channel after going through the similar headlines, Richard Quest's, Quest started and had a lovely one hour...this months quest was about family. Richard so very well portrayed the value of family...the feeling of belonging was what he indirectly put down. And at the end the way he traced down his origin and ancestors, I have always wished to do the again somebody did something which was always in mind...and instead of feeling hey that was my idea...i felt atleast there are people around who feel or think the same way as I do....a satisfaction.

After that cheerful one hour, and as CNN returned to world news again which I was least interested in watching...I returned to the net.

With a few histoy brush ups and blog browsing, I landed up with Shekar Gupta's Talk the walk, with Paulo Coelho...back home also I have been a regular follower of talk the walk. And this one after long time made me read back Paulo Coelho's famous inspiring line "If you really want something, the whole universe is going to conspire to help you."

So at the end some good journalism by two well known journalist made my day.

Monday, September 04, 2006


aandhiyon se jhagad rahi hai lau meri
abh mashalon si badh rahi hai lau meri

I just love the song, Roobaroo and specially the above 2 lines. These two lines in itself are filled with so much of strength.

But there are more reasons for me being attached to this song. Whenever I listen to it, I get into a retrospective mood. Memories attached to this song are still very strong and clear. But when the current memory had just newly become a memory, I used to sometimes avoid this song. As the memories had some sour episodes and tough struggles.

The days when this song was newly being aired, are slowly turning into a turning point of my life. Many incidents occuring those days have acted as a catalyst to what and where I am now. I know this is an universal truth, our past has been the catalyst for our present, and so would the present add up to the past to become a catalyst for the future.

So here I am listening to this song again and again just to make myself strong and turn those not so good memories into the most precious memories of my life. I can't run away from things, right.

Winter season, fresh mornings, getting addicted to car driving, late nights, planet millenium, new friends, new feelings, Innowaze.....memories!!!