Sunday, April 23, 2006

My First Posting

Creating my own blog was going on since long but the motivation hadn't reach the level which would compel me to finally create one...but yesterday I wanted to put some comments onto a friends blog...all these while whenever I had to put some comments I used to do it anonymously but his blog didn't let me do so without an finally here I am with my own blog account.

The next step in the process was giving a name to my blog...I have seen a lot of impressive blog names some very philosophical ones, some very aptly reflecting the person...but I couldn't decide on any...and being like others was just not what I wanted to do.

No other name was coming to my mind...then the thought that my blog name has to reflect me so what else could reflect me better than my name thats it I decided...I don't know whether the decision was a short cut taken by me on deciding the name...but so let it be.

Whats the meaning of ur name is the most common question of my life...but that doesn't mean that its annoying...rather I proudly with full enthu explain its meaning to whoever asked. ADRIJA is goddess Durga's grandma named me so...Adri means mountains but as here it is in context of Durga it means The Himalayas and Ja is a girl.

So the himalaya's which has always fascinated me so very much is a part of my name in itself is a big reason to love my name. And with that ended the naming ceremony.

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