Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Some Random Clicks!!!

I was suppose to read the design documents but just didnt feel like. Didnt even feel like going of to was just 11.00 pm. Nobody was even coming nline to chat with...started thinking is it holiday today in U.S. or my nocturnal friends back home have decided to follow a more human trait. So with Gulzar songs running on the background...I started with some regular browsing. But even that was least interesting today(other than Rajdeep Sardesi interviewing Ganguly).

And then did something worth doing...I have done it many times( proves I got lots of time to waste or may be its the effect of staying online for nearly 16 hours a day).

Just type in some random words onto a search engine and see what it comes up with.

And so I typed in adrija over the search.blogger. It came up with 5 pages of links. Out of those one link was obviously pointing out here.

But out of the many links I found two very interesting links....links posting two very memorable experiences of my life.

icfp 2005 and The Sinhagad Xperience !

It was rejoicing to read back some fond memories from somebody else's perspective.
Its a nice feeling to see how people relate to the same things that you relate to.


Aditi said...

Interesting does adrija have a specific meaning

Hiren said...

How right you are. Even the same book read by the same person at two different periods in time can have different meanings . One can relate to what is there only after having the right experience.