Monday, September 04, 2006


aandhiyon se jhagad rahi hai lau meri
abh mashalon si badh rahi hai lau meri

I just love the song, Roobaroo and specially the above 2 lines. These two lines in itself are filled with so much of strength.

But there are more reasons for me being attached to this song. Whenever I listen to it, I get into a retrospective mood. Memories attached to this song are still very strong and clear. But when the current memory had just newly become a memory, I used to sometimes avoid this song. As the memories had some sour episodes and tough struggles.

The days when this song was newly being aired, are slowly turning into a turning point of my life. Many incidents occuring those days have acted as a catalyst to what and where I am now. I know this is an universal truth, our past has been the catalyst for our present, and so would the present add up to the past to become a catalyst for the future.

So here I am listening to this song again and again just to make myself strong and turn those not so good memories into the most precious memories of my life. I can't run away from things, right.

Winter season, fresh mornings, getting addicted to car driving, late nights, planet millenium, new friends, new feelings, Innowaze.....memories!!!

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