Sunday, September 10, 2006

May be non sense

No particular reason to write...just a satisfying day, which is on its way to be this post might be non sense for many.

The day started pretty well...but slowly started getting to the state from which i am trying to run or may be end these days.

But I dont really know how to do that. Some good read really helps, talking to friends help, hearing statements which speak ur mind helps. Statements which make you feel, oh that person has so precisely put down what was always your thought or believe.

And thankfully since today evening I have come across many such affirmations. Thankfully because these things have made the day end with a positive note.

CNN is going very boring these days, it might be news for most people but as over here CNN is the only channel I got, I have started feeling sick of it. Never before have I been so very well up to date with the world news as I am these days. But I am not enjoying it at all, violence and war news everywhere Israel, Lebanon, UK, Iran,Iraq, Congo,Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India...i no more can take it...but still its become a habit to return to that channel.

So returning back to where I was...thus with reluctance I switched on the channel after going through the similar headlines, Richard Quest's, Quest started and had a lovely one hour...this months quest was about family. Richard so very well portrayed the value of family...the feeling of belonging was what he indirectly put down. And at the end the way he traced down his origin and ancestors, I have always wished to do the again somebody did something which was always in mind...and instead of feeling hey that was my idea...i felt atleast there are people around who feel or think the same way as I do....a satisfaction.

After that cheerful one hour, and as CNN returned to world news again which I was least interested in watching...I returned to the net.

With a few histoy brush ups and blog browsing, I landed up with Shekar Gupta's Talk the walk, with Paulo Coelho...back home also I have been a regular follower of talk the walk. And this one after long time made me read back Paulo Coelho's famous inspiring line "If you really want something, the whole universe is going to conspire to help you."

So at the end some good journalism by two well known journalist made my day.

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Vineet said...

Hey thanks a lot! Though its far from complete :) Will drop you line when I finally get it done. Liked your Mrs. English post! "Teaching a bengali to eat fish" ...LOL!