Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Looking forward

These 3 months have passed in a flash and its time to go back or rather start a fresh new journey.
Though I haven't really been missing anything or anybody out here (that surprised a lot many people but I wasn't surprised, they were carrying a wrong impression) but still I am looking forward to go back. I am a bit apprehensive though as I know lot would have changed back home specially at work front. Its a fresh start that I got to make like a new job.

But the looking forward list is also long. Looking forward to....

-to the journey from here to back home.

-to attend the last 2 days of Durga Pujo.

-to see my parents delighted for seeing me after such a long time...i am not missing them but I know that they are missing me.

-to get cozy in my room.

-to catch with all the latest movies in theatre...though I am upto date with all the latest hindi movies...thanks to their pathetic quality pirated versions available on the net.

-to conclude Namesake which I have left incomplete...I have left Gogol at the University start, need to take him ahead in his life. Read some where that Namesake has been adapted into a movie with Tabu playing Ashima Ganguly's am also looking forward to catch with this movie...can't really picture Tabu playing a Bengali house wife's character.

-to go to crossword and get all the history books whose list I have made in these days.

-to get back to Sitar, I hope my fingers wont freeze over it with these 3 months gap.

-to that clear blue sky with flocks of whitest clouds floating around lazily...ideally so should be the weather back home at this part of the year...the weather which I relate to Durga Pujo and Diwali...the weather which gives lots of positive vibes.

-to driving all the more...and also to possessing my own car(now thats more of a wish, which I am not very sure of coming true...thanks to my lil' modest I hear someone saying something :)).

-to see more people react to me having changed as a person...I too can feel this change.

The list of looking forwards is really long. Does that mean I am missing a lot many things...God knows, confused as usual :).

But at the end looking forward to go back to come back again.

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Vineet said...

hey! came back trying to trace my as yet unfinished blog abt london :) But what struck me was Namesake. Finished it one fine sunday morning...was really depressed for a couple of days..Hope you experience a different plethora of emotions out of it. Looking forward to the movie myself.

(PS: Once you finish it, do read 'The Overcoat' by Nikolai! Jhumpa would want it,)